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Services and Prices

Pre-edit service:
BOOK ANALYSIS                                                                                         $0.0025 per word*

This can be done on a partial or completed novel. The goal of this service is to evaluate your novel before you send it to an editor OR help you solve issues in your manuscript. I will read your novel in its entirety and provide a written summary. The summary will include the high points in your writing as well as issues that need to be fixed before you move forward. This is a comprehensive summary of things the author can work on before sending it to an editor. No edits will be made in the actual manuscript. The summary would include commentary on: POV, character development, plot, pacing, verb tense, world-building, conflict vs. goals, and voice. I will make suggestions on how to fix the issues. The goal of this analysis is for the author to submit the best version of the manuscript to an editor. It is not meant to take the place of editing but serves as a guide before the editing process begins.

* I suggest pairing this with a one-hour phone consultation. The hour does not need to be used all in one phone call. I suggest scheduling a phone call after the author reads the book analysis and one or two more when questions arise while the author is editing.



FREE SAMPLE EDIT:                                                                                                         FREE

I will do a free sample edit of one chapter of around 2000 words. I will edit the work and give my insight into where I think your manuscript is going. It’s important that we have the same vision for your book. I will also make recommendations for the type of service that I believe your manuscript needs and why. There is no obligation once the free sample edit is complete.

To request a free sample edit, please email me at or fill out the contact me form.


PHONE CONSULTATION:                                                                                               $35 PER HOUR

If You would like to discuss services and options for your manuscript before editing begins, this is an excellent way for us to clarify your vision for the book. Or, after I return my edits and suggestions, you may have questions or want to talk over ways to improve your book.

CONTENT EDIT                                                                                                                   $0.0095/WORD

This service includes a comprehensive multi-page summary with suggestions and potential fixes for your novel. In addition, I will comment directly in the manuscript in areas which need improvement or excellent writing.

Content edits are for Authors who have a story with solid bones, but the book has issues with some of the following: plot logic, character development, world-building, conflict vs goals, and/or story arc. This edit will focus on the big picture and overall arc of the book. These issues must be resolved before moving on to copy editing and proofreading.


COPY EDIT                                                                                                                           $0.0075/WORD

I will provide a one-page summary of my thoughts on the book with suggestions for improvement. The body of the book will include comments and basic spelling and grammatical corrections.

Copy edits are for Authors with a book that has all the major story elements intact. The book may need help with plot holes, detail consistency, timeline, repetitive words for phrases, and/or clarity. These issues must be resolved before moving on to proofreading.

BUNDLES                                                                                                                             10% DISCOUNT

Services may be bundled and combine for a 10% discount.


BOOK RELEASE - MARKETING SUMMARY                                                                 $0.003

This is for authors who do their own marketing but want to concentrate on the writing. This summary will combine:

  • Genre and all the possible tropes for the book

  • 20 teaser / jumping-off points for ads*

  • Quotes and location in the book to use for teasers and ads –organized by the vibe of the quote (minimum of thirty*)

  •  A 20-minute phone consultation to discuss goal or marketing


Book Release Marketing Summary: $0.003 per word *numbers of teaser and quotes are based on a novel of 50,000 words or more


If you purchase a Book Release – Marketing Summary, I can also provide blurb writing services. I would extend the 20-minute phone consultation by ten minutes to include blurb ideas.

     Blurb services include:

          Two options for the blurb

          Three rounds of edits

Blurb service when combine with Book Release – Marketing Summary                                  Flat Fee of $60.00


All payments will be made through PayPal, and a $100 refundable deposit is required to add your book to my editing schedule. The deposit will be deducted from the cost of your edits.  Before editing begins, a payment of 50% of the service is required. The balance is due before the edits are returned.


I use the industry standard of The Chicago Manual of Style and the Merriam Webster Dictionary for resources. The industry standard of editing is to publish with 98% accuracy.

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